Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hall of Fame Day Hot Links

IT'S HALL OF FAME DAY. Today at 5pm Central, Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson will announce the results on MLB Network.

*With almost 55% of the BBWAA's ballots known, Bagwell is sitting at 88.7%.

*Nathaniel Rakich's projections have Bagwell finishing at 84.6%, joining Tim Raines and Trevor Hoffman in the Class of 2017.

*Jeff Bagwell has waited seven long years for this day (and hopefully no more).

*Bagwell says he won't relax until he gets that heads-up phone call:
I'm not a slam dunk like [Griffey] was. You never know what can happen. Unfortunately, I had to watch Craig not get in for a couple of years, and I was shocked by that. You just never know in that situation what people are going to vote for. 

*Bob Nightengale reports that the Astros have maintained interest in Jose Quintana, Chris Archer AND Sonny Gray. Peter Gammons immediately took a New England Dump on the Gray-to-Houston rumor.

*Jose Altuve, Yulieski Gurriel, and A.J. Reed played games with kids at the Shriners Hospital in Galveston yesterday.

*Jose Altuve wrote a letter to himself yesterday. I ran through a brick wall.

*Former Astros prospect Danry Vasquez did not appear in court yesterday stemming from his domestic violence episode this summer because his visa expired.

*The Crawfish Boxes jumped on this, and we're a few days late, but Tri-City pitcher Makay Nelson (20th Round pick, 2015) was suspended 50 games for an amphetamine.

*The Fresno Grizzlies have claimed the taco emoji.

*Michael Kopech, acquired by the White Sox in the Chris Sale trade, apparently hit 110mph on the radar gun.

*Edinson Volquez, whose father passed away hours before he pitched in Game 1 of the World Series, is mourning the death of his brother, who was stabbed in the Dominican Republic.


Chris Cupp said...

So right now, Altuve is basically on a 3yr/17M contract (4.5M, 6M, 6.5M). He has demonstrated that his performance is not a fluke and that there's a reasonable expectation that it'll continue on an elite or near elite level for the foreseeable future. Plus you see all this extra work he puts in to get better. He's constantly seeking advice from veteran players (ie Beltran) on how to improve his game. And based on this letter, he strives to be a role model for young baseball fans, young players from his home, etc. NOW is the time to sign him to an extension. You start with the 3yr/17M, give him something like a 5M signing bonus and then suggest a 5yr/100M for 2020-2024. It's a guaranteed 105M contract (should it be more?) You're also setting a positive precedent with your other players that might be inclined to sign that initial team-friendly play well and we'll absolutely consider a longer extension worth something closer to market.

Would he take it? Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I actually like your proposal a lot. Altuve might make close to $150 million (or more) on the open market. Guy is a difference maker with the bat, good clubhouse presence, is actually underrated defensively. At the very least it shows a good faith effort on the part of the Astros. They would still get a team friendly deal for a franchise player.

Terence said...

Altuve fired his old agent. He signed with Scott Boras. He will not be signing any more 'team-friendly' deals. He just had a ~7 win season at age 26. If you wanted to lock him up through age 34, you're talking in the range of $300M.

Chris Cupp said...

Scott Boras works to get the best offer available for his player...but the player is the one who directs the agent with what his desires are. Stephen Strasburg didn't hit the open market and likely would have commanded MUCH more money than he got, even though it was a lot of it. If Altuve has strong desires to stay in Houston, he'll tell his new agent to make it happen, whether that is for a guaranteed 105M or more.

I'm all for performance incentives to bring the price up or automatically triggered option years.

Michael Carder said...

Sorry Chris. No way Scott Boras is even talking with 5/$100 as the starting point. 5/$175 maybe..just to chat. Altuve is arguably one of the 5 best players in the game. Besides, Boras rarely even considers pre-free agency deals. He's taking Altuve to the open market without question..