Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday Morning Hot Links

*Ken Rosenthal says the Astros chose Beltran over Edwin Encarnacion in part because of the positional flexibility he provides, allowing Yuli Gurriel to play 1B. The Astros are "paying close attention to" the Rays' starting pitchers. However, Rosenthal tweeted that if Encarnacion's price were to drop, the Astros could get back in and play Gurriel at LF, Edwin at 1B, and Beltran at DH.

This is me talking (a noted idiot), but I don't see how the Astros sign Encarnacion. There aren't enough positions now. This may be a good reason for why they would do it. But with the Yankees signing Matt Holliday yesterday, the Astros getting Beltran, Encarnacion's market seems to be drying up. I would imagine that the Rangers would try to take advantage of his falling price tag (I don't think Edwin gets that 5yr/$125m deal, after all.)

*Jeff Sullivan referred to the Astros as "the league's best lineup." The Astros. Our collective favorite team. What a time to be alive. Peep these 2017 Projected Standings from FanGraphs, and that's before the Astros potentially add a front-line starter.

*Tommy Stokke of FanRag Sports says that, while the Astros' lineup isn't perfect, they've improved in the "Veteran Leadership" category.

*From Saturday: Jon Heyman reports the Astros are positioning themselves to make a play for Chris Archer.

*Reid Ryan told MLB Network Radio that the Astros are missing "an automatic W" at the top of the rotation.

*McTaggart: All that's missing is a starting pitcher

*Brian T. Smith: Beltran adds to a stacked 25-Man roster.

*With 19 ballots in, Jeff Bagwell is running at 84%, appearing on 16 of 19 known ballots. To that end, David Maril says Bagwell "comes up a little short" as a hitter regardless of steroids talk. Bruce Jenkins didn't even attempt an explanation as to why Bagwell didn't get his checkmark. Tony Massarotti has already been addressed.

*The Nationals are going after both Chris Sale and Andrew McCutchen.

*John Schuerholtz and Bud Selig are going into the Hall of Fame.

*The Runner took a look at pitching prospect Rogelio Armenteros.

*The Padres' rotation will feature Paul Clemens and Jarred Cosart and might be "historically poor."

*Players' meal money on the road is going from $105/day to $30/day, but teams will provide pre- and post-game meal options in the clubhouse.

*Michael Lewis' new book (out tomorrow) is about the guys who shaped the paradigm of Moneyball.