Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday Morning Hot Links

Note: Content is incoming, as I'm just now in a mood to try to process the 2016 Astros season. Hope you like content. Content is my brand. 

*Jose Altuve will appear as a cartoon character on Uncle Grandpa. I have a four-year old daughter who loves Uncle Grandpa, the only cartoon whose target demographic is both toddlers and people tripping on LSD. I can't wait. It's on at 11:15am today (Saturday, October 22).

*Astros prospect Ramon Laureano won the Arizona Fall League Player of the Week after hitting .571.

*Astros beat writer Angel Verdejo will no longer cover the Astros as he shifts back over to high school coverage for the Chronicle.

*Check out the incredible video (by the same director who did the fantastic Dock Ellis documentary) about the time the Mets trashed the team plane following their victory over the Astros in the 1986 NLCS.

*The Astros are up to the top half of MLB in ESPN's Ultimate Standings...thing. ESPN, with a dose of reality:
There's nothing about the Astros that screams championship (besides Correa and Altuve), but there isn't anything that makes you wonder what the heck they're doing, either. 

*Brian T. Smith got Twitter to write him a column about the Astros, and Houston in general.

*Forbes: Update on the new CBA, which is expected to be approved before the 2017 season.

*Good news, degenerates! Congress is thinking about re-doing the laws on sports betting.

*Jayson Stark: Why the best teams don't win the World Series.

*NLCS Game 6 comes down to Kershaw vs. Rizzo.

*Jeff Sullivan: Why don't people run all over Jon Lester?

*Jose Fernandez's mother wrote a piece in the Miami Herald.

*Reminder that MLB isn't perfect, but the NFL - as a business - is trash.