Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Morning Hot Links

How terrible the Astros have been the last three days seems trivial in light of the truly terrible news of the death of 24-year old Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez. Any time a young person dies it's a tragedy, regardless of their profession. In the case of a public figure like Fernandez, who exuded confidence, charisma, and a joy in playing baseball that was almost unmatched across baseball, it's particularly saddening.

*The Marlins have cancelled today's game against the Braves.

*But the Astros were bad. Despite George Springer's four-hit night and Brad Peacock's 5IP, 7H/1ER (pulled after throwing just 69 pitches), the bullpen - given a 4-1 lead in the 8th inning - melted down again, allowing nine runs to give the Angels a 10-4 win.

*Hinch, who is more pragmatic and also unrealistic than the rest of us:
The season's not over. We're going to continue to bounce back and try to get us a win tomorrow. This is not how we drew up the start of this homestead, and it's not something that maybe is expected, but we can't do anything about it. 

*The Angels have scored 16 runs in the 8th and 9th innings the last two games as all the luck the bullpen had enjoyed since April ran out all at once. Hinch:
This is a good bullpen. They've carried us for most of this month and certainly not the last couple of nights. They've had tough days at work. I certainly stand behind these guys. They've done everything we've asked. 

Bullpen, last two nights: 8IP, 18H/16ER, 11K:8BB

*Before Friday, the Astros were 66-4 with a lead heading into the 8th inning. Now they are an appropriately Satanic 66-6, as the forsaking of this franchise by God is now complete.

*Three games back, seven to play. The Astros' playoff odds are down to 2.6%, but that seems high. And this is a fine time to remind you that the Astros had four must-win games at home against a team whom they had defeated eleven times in a row, and have been shutout by Ricky Nolasco in one and melted down in the other two.

*Correa played, and basically said nothing was going to keep him out of the lineup.

*Before the game Ken Giles had to be carted off the field after getting hit on the wrist by a line drive in practice. And, buddy, if that ain't a metaphor for the 2016 Astros then I don't know what is.

*The worst called ball on record.