Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday Morning Hot Links

*A rainout in the 3rd inning cancelled Dallas Keuchel's 5ER in 2IP and the Twins and Astros will play a day/night double-header today, with Doug Fister starting at 12:10 and Chris Devenski starting at 6:10pm, and he'll be able to go at least 5IP.

We obviously are fortunate because of the way the game started. You never know how it's going to end, but we'll take the restart. 

*Teams are allowed to add a 26th man to the roster for double-headers, so Kevin Chapman is on his way up from Fresno and will be available for Game 2.

*I wrote some thoughts about Carlos Gomez.

*Gomez was gracious and classy in his exit:
I know I didn't do my best. I wish the best to them. They have a great team and organization. The only thing I feel bad (about) is because I didn't do my job.

I don't know if anybody could've forecasted a (decline like Gomez's). We didn't. We expected him to continue to produce at a high level. So from that standpoint, it's disappointing. But you can't win them all. Some trade are going to work out. Some aren't. 

I know he carried the burden of being a big acquisition in July. He often spoke of feeling responsible and trying to play better for the team, knowing that he was a big addition last July during the playoff race. Heading into this season, with his free agency looming, I just think he put a lot of pressure on himself to be perfect. The harder he tried, sometimes the more difficult it became.

Gomez, to McTaggart:
The organization traded for me because they needed a center fielder, and they have me all the opportunity and I didn't do my job. I feel bad about this. I'm a hard worker and every day I do my best, and I know being released is really tough for me, but I thank...the Astros. They always believed I could help this team win games and I didn't do it. 

*Back in March, MLBTR thought that Gomez would be a $150m free agent signing after this season. Probably not, now.

*A year after the drama of the Mets backing out of the Carlos Gomez trade, they're now "open" to bringing him to New York.

*Luke Gregerson could be activated as early as tomorrow after no lingering affects from the bullpen session yesterday.

*Rule 5 survivor Jandel Gustave will pitch in middle relief for however long he's with the team, given the impending arrivals of Luke Gregerson and Yulieski Gurriel.

*Of course the Rangers made another late comeback against the Rockies. David Schoenfield writes that maybe they're a team of destiny. Given the banging of last night's game in Minnesota, the Astros are nine games back of the Rangers.

*Jose Bautista has been placed on the 15-Day DL. The Astros visit Toronto tomorrow night.

*Jeff Zimmerman watched 56 hours of live baseball in one weekend.