Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Morning Cold Links

Hey whaddayaknow the Astros couldn't score. This is getting familiar. The Astros only managed one run in a 4-1 loss to the Blue Jays. Of course the Rangers won, the A's beat the Angels, the Red Sox beat the Mariners in 11 innings.

*The Astros are 6.5 GB of Farmer's Branch, 5.5 GB of WC1 and 3.5 GB of WC2. FanGraphs now gives the Astros an 11.7% chance of winning the division and a 12.4% chance of making the postseason. Losing eight out of ten against pretty good teams in late July/early August will sink your season.

*Since beating the Angels 13-3 on July 25 nine games ago, the Astros are "hitting" .188/.242/.304 with 90K:20BB. Since the beginning of the Tigers series the Astros are 1-6 with a .178/.222/.263 line, with 60K:10BB. They have reached by HBP and errors more times (4) than they have hit home runs (3).

*It's not on the pitchers, who set a MLB record by striking out 58 Blue Jays in a four-game series.

*A.J. Hinch:
We're searching for solutions because we're a better offense than this. Sometimes you go in a few ruts individually. Sometimes you go through it collectively. Right now, the collectively is pretty painful.

*Tyler White is trying not to be the roster casualty when Doug Fister returns from paternitying. His double last night drove in the only Astros run of the season night.

*Colby Rasmus is struggling, and it's eating him up. He started wearing batting gloves and has taken "hundreds" of extra swings before games. Rasmus:
The game is just kind of socking it to me a little bit...I'm not going to make excuses...I was brought in here to do a job and I haven't done it up to my own ability, so my pride is hurt a little in that respect... This year, man, it's just like they know what I'm doing before I even get up to the box. I don't know if I'm giving it away by how I stand or what's going on, but I feel like they just have a better idea of what I'm trying to do.

Rasmus has been God-awful, it's true, but I still like the guy.

*Brady Rodgers won his 11th game last night and has a PCL-leading 1.34 BB/9.

*The sheriffs of baseball were at it again last night.

*Legendary Venezuelan scout Andres Reiner, who revolutionized baseball in the country for the Astros, passed away Wednesday night at the age of 81.

*The Indians' Francisco Mejia ran his hit streak to 46 games last night.


Anonymous said...

Start a 10 game win streak today or stick a fork in them. Oh there is still alot to play. Bullshit! If we fall 1 or 3 more games back, the climb back requires a 2 month run that will tax everyone. Not how you want to start a post season. I remember do you? Or i guess we can hope for everyone else to collapse. Thanks Obama.

Eight-Soft said...

They did the same thing last year. Win a bunch and then lose a bunch.

Anonymous said...

Last year on this date we were 2 games up and went 26-27 to finish it out. If we play 500 the rest of the way that gets us to 83 wins. So doing the same thing as last year wont cut it. We need to win a whole bunch and lose a few. if 6.5 games becomes 7.5 or 9.5 games back its over. I still think the division will be easier than the wild card. We have 9 games against tex and only 3 with tor and bal left. So if we don't win our division we have to hope 2 teams from BAL, TOR, DET, or BOS collapse.

Anonymous said...

When 6 of your starters are hitting 220ish and worse this late in the season, sorry AJ, but your offense reallyou isn'the good at all.

Chas R said...

BIG weekend series against the enhanced Rangers, who we had trouble beating before. Now they have Lucroy and Beltran. After this weekend, we still 6 more games against them. There is definitely still a path to the post season but they need to beat the Rangers and play better baseball down the stretch.