Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday Morning Hot Links

The Masked Marvel has the recap of the Astros' first win in Arlington since April 2015.

Obviously, we're thrilled to get a win here. This has been a tough team for us matching up. There's no reason to celebrate unless we can start to back it up a little bit more. Certainly a sense of relief to get a win after a couple tough losses.

These games here, they're crazy. Obviously, we know it can be done now in this ballpark, so it's a good win for us. A lot of guys did well, from the first hitter all the way to Will Harris at the end closing the door. It was a good team win. A lot of guys did a lot of good things.

Fister, who is 5-0 since the beginning of May, and the Astros have won each of his last eight starts:
A lot of it is just keeping the ball down. I've struggled with that in the past, and that's kind of been a focus in the bullpen sessions and especially executing in the game. But having the defense that we do, that allows me to go ahead and pitch down and try to get those ground balls and really let those guys run them down.

Altuve, who drove in the Astros' 2nd and 3rd runs (and then TOOTBLANd trying to get to 3rd):
We try to not pay attention to the noise about the way we play against the Rangers. This is a win like any other one. Wins are always important. At the end of the day, no matter who you're playing, you've got to get the win.

*Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of Carlos Correa's MLB debut.

*After Tyler White's ridiculous opening week of the 2016 season, since April 15 he's hitting .163/.246/.301. Which means A.J. Reed is getting closer to a Houston call-up. Luhnow:
He's getting closer. No question about it. There are certain things that we're definitely looking for that will give us confidence that he's going to consistently deliver up here. But I don't think we're that far away.

*It's Draft Day! The Astros make their first two picks this evening on MLB Network. Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo have the Astros taking Univ of Illinois RHP Cody Sedlock and Mississippi State RHP Dakota Hudson, respectively. But it certainly looks as though college pitching is where the Astros are looking.

*Vincent Velasquez left yesterday's start with tightness in his biceps after facing one batter. His first two fastballs registered 86 and 87.

*Root Sports caught some crap yesterday for their StroPoll:
But I'm inclined to think that it was a joke given the previous day's StroPoll had to do with two options for your favorite band being "Guitars" and "Music."

*Before you go: