Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

*Patrick and I recorded Episode 10 of Lima Time Time last night. Check it on SoundCloud or subscribe on iTunes.

*Sunday might just have been the tipping point for Carlos Gomez. The Astros are apparently looking for other options, and Jeff Luhnow came out and said:
It's hard to continue to play a player that isn't helping you win ballgames. 

*Mike Petriello has a must-read article on MLB.com about how Jose Altuve became MLB's unlikeliest slugger.

*Tonight will likely be Tony Kemp's major league debut. The Nashville native (fist-bump) got the call while in his hometown as the Grizzlies played the Nashville Sounds. Kemp:
It was a special moment, even a more special moment being in Nashville and having my family and friends and teachers being able to be a part of that moment with me. It was pretty cool.

This is one of the best stories of this miserable season. Luhnow is hopeful:
Tony's been the most consistent performer down there all year and he's always had the type of game and personality where he can be a spark to the lineup. We hope that he'll give us a shot in the arm.

*Today in "Well, yeah" we read that Dallas Keuchel needs to step up. Dallas Keuchel is still very frustrated. The League has adjusted to Keuchel, but Keuchel has not yet adjusted back. Keuchel:
I've got to clean that mess up and once that happens it's going to be good. Guys rely on me to shut it down, and when I'm not shutting it down we're not playing our best. 

*Vice Sports: The Astros Are Bad, Where Did It Go Wrong?
A 7.5-game divisional deficit in mid-May is like a beeping alarm to a burglar: you aren't screwed yet, but there's a sense of urgency that wasn't there a few moments ago.

*Scary night for Corpus in San Antonio last night as Danry Vasquez and Mott Hyde collided in the outfield, delaying the game for 45 minutes while they were taken off the field. Hyde had made a diving over-the-shoulder grab but he went head-first into a sliding Danry Vasquez's knee. The injuries were described as "severe."

*Secondary to the health and futures of both players, Alex Bregman had two doubles and a homer in the 8-0 Corpus win.

*J.D. Davis and Evan Grills were named Texas League Hitter and Pitcher of the Week.