Wednesday, May 11, 2016

From the Office of the County Clerk - G34: Astros versus Indians

Trevor Bauer (2-0, 5.14) versus Chris Devenski (0-1, 1.46)

I apologies, AC readers, for the lack of a full recap this evening.  You see, I was the victim of a domestic power cut, and because or the At Bat app do not have a solar power version and my exercise bike doesn't have a plug, I have been unable to view the game footage to the extent that I would like.  This has also throttled my plan to do some work, which I desperately need to do.  Sigh.  So lets do a quicker, briefer game recap, in bullet-point form.

Oh, and Astros lose, 4-0:

  • Chris "the Dragon" Devenski got the start, and he had another solid one: six-and-two-thirds, five hits and 2 walks, 2 runs / earned runs against five strikeouts.  One inning did him in: he allowed two runs in the second frame on a single, walk, sac-bunt, RBI fielder's choice (no out recorded), RBI double sequence.  That left Devenski with runners on second and third and one out, but he knuckled down to strike out the catcher (and ex-Rangers Astro-killer Chris Gimenez) and entice Rajai Davis into a ground out to end the frame.
  • Other than that, Devenski was plenty solid.  He faced the minimum in the first, third, fourth, and sixth.  He was assisted, however, by a double-play line-out (first) and a caught stealing on a pitch-out (fourth).  He looked solid, worked quickly, and still has an ERA of less than two.  Going to be interesting once he starting seeing teams for the second and third times.
  • Devenski's nickname is "the Dragon", and apparently they breathe fire or something.  So perhaps he could be accused of turning the opposition bats to ash - in his three starts in the majors, he has thrown 5IP / 2ER (v Oakland), 6IP / 1ER (v Seattle) and 6.2IP / 2ER (tonight).  However, he may want be careful where he breathes fire, because in those same three starts and while he has been in the ballgame, the Astros have scored no runs (Oakland), 2 runs (Seattle) and no runs (tonight).  Devenski needs to stop incinerating the Astros' bats as well, me thinks.
  • Six quality starts in a row from the starting pitchers.  This looks a little more like 2015 in terms of the run-prevention side.  The defence has also improved significantly in the last fortnight.
  • Trevor Bauer.  Sheesh.  Entering tonight - against the Astros: 3-0, 0.90 ERA in 20IP over three starts.  Ten hits, eight walks, 29 strikeouts.  At MMP - only 6IP, but they were of the shutout variety.  I think it is inevitable that the Ramgers trade for him and get him to throw only against the Astros.
  • Josh Fields had another rough one.  In the eighth: strikeout, triple, RBI single, RBI double with runner caught between bases, á la Carlos Gómez.  Two runs, both earned.  And Michael Feliz got the ninth, and he was dominant, striking out the side.  Fields has options.  Feliz is throwing hard.  Interesting!
  • Obviously not much happening on the offensive side of the game for the 'stros.  They walked four times, and managed four hits, including one double.  See what happens when Jason Castro's steadying offensive influence is removed from the line up??  Please come back soon, Jason!!
  • Hits to Altuve (1-4), Rasmus (1-4), Valbuena (1-3, 2B) and MarGo (1-1).  Walks to George Springer (0-2, 2xBB), Preston Tucker (0-3, BB) and Tyler White (0-3, BB).
  • The Astros only managed one decent scoring opportunity - one out double from Luis Valbuena, to third on a hard-hit grounder that Lindor vacuumed up, stranded when Altuve punched out with a curveball in the dirt to end the fifth.  Suck.
  • WHY CAN'T WE HAVE NICE THINGS??  Like Stephen Strasberg.  And win streaks.  Equal season high win streak (two) and I will keep pointing that out until the Astros string something together that is greater than whatever number of fingers I have (six, I think).
Anyhow, that will have to do in terms of game recaps for tonight.  Again, apologies.  

Tomorrow afternoon: rubber game...

Danny Salazar (3-2, 1.91) versus Doug Fister (3-3, 4.54)

Special treat for AC readers.  Guest recapper - Stevie Ray Batguy mans the Office of the County Clerk, making a spot start for the regulars.

2 Eastern, 1 Central.

After that, the Astros head to Boston.