Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Morning Hot Links

*This is the last Hot Links until Monday morning as I have to go out of town this weekend with such a dumb schedule that it will not allow me to Get On This Blog.

*Check the Masked Marvel's recap on a night where Collin McHugh was good and Chris Sale was...well, Chris Sale.

*"George is just doing George things out there..." - Collin McHugh, on Springer's over-the-wall grab.

*Evan Gattis had a pretty good night behind the plate. McHugh:
I know a lot of people haven't had a chance to see him because it's been a couple of years since he's been back there, but he's solid. He's a big league catcher and everybody needs to understand that and recognize that.

*Tyler White is finally adjusting to all the adjustments the League made to him:
It's having to calm his body down and he's doing that not (as) consistently as he's going to do, but quite a bit. So his mechanics, his body rhythms, his timing all seemed to take a hit as the league adjusted to him. 

*Hinch is hopeful Carlos Gomez can resume "baseball activities" next week.

*The Astros are Jayson Stark's Most Disappointing Team of the Year.

*Corpus' J.D. Davis hit three home runs last night as the Hooks won their 10th straight game, his 7th HR in his last 12 games. Alex Bregman homered again, too. '

*Oh hey whaddayaknow the Ramgers have apparently decided that maybe a roof is a good idea.

*The Cheatin-Ass Cardinals former scouting director's sentencing is delayed, yet again, until July 5.

*Vanderbilt pulled off a triple steal.