Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday Morning Hot Links

*Read Cockroach's recap of Game 9, if you feel like strangling something.

*Some numbers that are concerning to me after, yes I know, nine games:

Ken Giles: 3.2IP, 4H/5ER, 6K:1BB, three home runs allowed
George Springer: .216/.275/.351, 13K in 37ABs. His one home run was the Grand Slam against the Yankees.
Jason Castro: While the triple was cool (his first since July 12, 2014 when he went 2x4 with a 3B/HR against the Red Sox), he's hitting .136/.240/.318. Since the beginning of the 2014 season, Castro is hitting .215/.283/.364. Which leads us to...

*Evan Gattis is getting ready to catch. Hinch:
One of the things I've never understood is people thinking this is abnormal to have him catch. He's a catcher. We just didn't catch him last season based on the fact we wanted to keep him healthy for 500, 600 plate appearances that he hadn't had while he was catching, and we had the liberty of having the DH.

First: With the Astros trying to keep more bats in the lineup (i.e., White, Tucker) it makes perfect sense for Gattis to get some time behind the plate in order to give themselves flexibility.

*Hinch, on Giles, who has now blown two games with multi-run homers allowed:
A ball left in the zone, and (Perez) put a good swing on it. Nothing happened to Giles. It's more a mistake at the wrong time to the wrong hitter, and he took advantage of it.

*Astros scout Tim Bittner talks about being the guy who signed Tyler White. (Alt Link)

*FanGraphs: Rotations and payroll.

*Grant Brisbee: Carlos Correa is the most valuable player in baseball.

*Can you identify 18 ballparks based on satellite imagery? (I got 10 out of 18)

*I hate the Cardinals, yes, but this story on Jeremy Hazelbaker is a good one.

*I hate umpires, yes, but this story on how MLS is trying to improve its officiating is a good one.

*I hate Pablo Sandoval, yes*, but this story on how his marriage to Red Sox is dissolving is a good one.

*The Braves released Michael Bourn.

(*I don't hate Pablo Sandoval, just trying to keep the motif going)