Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Morning Hot Links

*Just like you, the Astros are frustrated with their 7-15 record.

*Collin McHugh's fastball Wednesday night averaged 92.39mph - his highest of the season.

*Speaking of McHugh, he is one of ten professional athletes to sign with Fantex, a stock exchange of sorts in which he will receive $3.96m now in exchange for 10% of all future on- and off-field earnings.

*You MUST read this story about Colby Rasmus buying cattle.
[Rasmus] said he wanted [cows] more for personal satisfaction. He wanted to look out his window at his place and see some really good cows.

*Little update on the rumblings around the minors: A Fayetteville, North Carolina city official confirmed that the Astros are looking to bring a High-A Carolina League team to the city. Reid Ryan toured Fayetteville and nearby Fort Bragg on Monday.

-Meanwhile, California League president Charlie Blaney offered a "no comment" when asked if the California League - where the Astros have their High-A affiliate in Lancaster - was planning to contract and lose two teams to the Carolina League. In order for the Astros to move to the Carolina League, they would have to buy their own Cal League franchise. This is something the Rangers apparently tried to do, but the deal fell apart this winter.

*Astros/A's/Astros/A's great Jed Lowrie is really looking forward to this weekend series against the Astros.
Oh yeah, I want to beat them for sure.

*Viva El Birdos has an interesting story about free agency, and when the Astros tried to sign Ozzie Smith in 1992.

*And speaking of the cheatin-ass Cardinals, MLB is "not close" to a ruling on how to punish them for their criminal mastermind Chris "Moriarty" Correa breaking in to Ground Control. And it's taking so long that insiders don't think the Cardinals' 2016 draft class will be impacted.