Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

*The Battle For Astros Closer is in its final stages, writes Evan Drellich. (Try this route if needed). The question isn't so much, "Who typically pitches the ninth inning," but rather, "Who helps the Astros win that game?"

*Keuchel, on a possible extension. (Alt Route):
I'm under contract for another two years. I made it known that I want to be here, but at the same time, I've got to take care of myself and do what's right for my family, and I'd like to get something done. But at the same time, I don't want to go back and forth 20 times and exchange numbers. I think we know where we both are, and if something happens, that'd be nice.

*Why did Dallas Keuchel wear #57 in the minors? As a tribute to Darryl Kile.

*Jim Bowden thinks (audio) the Astros and Rangers will be the best rivalry of 2016. Of course, Jim Bowden typically thinks a lot of things...

*Lance McCullers is still figuring out this baseball thing, and that is very scary.

*Carlos Gomez shut Rob Dibble up pretty quickly.

*Former Astros Great Phil Humber retired yesterdayThree years ago we asked if his was the unlikeliest perfect game in baseball history.

*I find the very existence of the West Louisiana Ramgers distasteful, but if you don't like Adrian Beltre you need to dial it back a little bit.

*The Rangers went and got themselves their own backup catcher, and at least his name isn't "Jonathan Lucroy."

*Apple and MLB have come to an agreement allowing teams to use stat-loaded iPad Pros in the dugouts, rather than going back to the clubhouse to watch video.

*The Royals are still pissed about Noah Syndergaard's World Series brushback pitch. Because, you know, winning the World Series wasn't payback enough.

*How two unlikeable people became Mike and the Mad Dog.

Yesterday we linked to a weird story about an undisclosed condition that put Matt Harvey's Opening Day start in doubt. It was blood clots in his bladder, which (ew) he (uh) passed (gah). Your rationale:
What is he, four years old?

*Not baseball related, but who doesn't like a story about the Lakers' gradual and continual implosion?

*Before you go: