Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

*The Masked Marvel wrote about the trade for Erikkratz.

*I wrote about Jon Singleton.

*From a walk-on at Western Carolina University to a 33rd Round draft pick to the Houston Astros' Opening Day 1B - A.J. Hinch told Tyler White he made the team in front of everybody.

*Tyler White and his parents talked about White making the Opening Day roster (video).

*If Hinch decides to carry 12 pitchers and 13 position players, it likely means Matt Duffy has made the team.

*Lance McCullers - though beginning the season on the DL - will travel with the team to New York for Opening Day.

*FanGraphs ranked the Astros' rotation #12 in baseball. "The Mets, they're not. Good enough, they are."

*Predictably, A.J. Reed is going to Fresno, where he is going to cause an earthquake with his bat.

*The final bullpen spot is down to Wandy vs. James Hoyt.

*Colin Moran - hitting .385 this Spring - was told yesterday he wasn't making the Opening Day roster.

*Washington Post: The Astros will prove they're the real deal

*Matt Harvey's Opening Day start is in doubt after an undisclosed medical issue - that does not involve his elbow or shoulder - popped up.

*Dave Stewart is the general manager of the Diam'ndb'ac's. His wife is an agent. How does that work...

*How three high-flying brothers led America's top high school basketball team.

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