Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

These links are sweetened and condensed because I overslept. Badly.

*Big news of the morning is that A.J. Hinch told Lance McCullers that he's going on the disabled list with a sore right shoulder. Hinch:
He should be doing some things and throwing bullpen and things like that prior to the season, but opening day he won't be an active player. There's just not going to be enough time to build him up for the role in which we anticipate him doing that. I told him this morning so he'd be assured he's not trying to hit a deadline of opening day trying to impress anybody.

This is a pretty good job of Hinch and the Astros taking the decision out of McCullers' hands. You just know that McCullers would try to get back for Opening Day and possibly end up missing more time because of that, so they nipped it in the bed.

*Speaking of the Meat Wagon, with Stassi out until early May, the Astros will explore a backup catcher via trade.

*Collin McHugh wants to be known as All-Star Collin McHugh...and a good father.

*Doug Fister feels better after his stomach bug.

*Chris Devenski was optioned to minor-league camp, but will start the March 27 game against San Diego in Mexico City.

*Go to Cliff Hagen Stadium at the University of Kentucky and order the 85-ounce A.J. Reed Nachos, approved by A.J. Reed.

*This Dallas Guy spent a week at Spring Training and is now re-thinking his Astros AL West Champs pick.