Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Morning Hot Links

Marwin Gonzalez hit a 2-run homer, which is notable because of his career regular season and postseason home runs, every single one of them was a solo shot. The Astros beat the Nationals 4-3, and will play the Tigers today.

*The First Cut Is The Deepest: The Astros are expected to make their first roster cuts today, with Alex Bregman expected to be among the group.

*Luhnow did a Q&A with Evan Drellich yesterday regarding A.J. Hinch's contract, how the Opening Day 1B may not be your May 1 1B, and Ken Giles.

*Rasmus was out with an upset stomach.

*Collin McHugh is trying to start out as good as he finishes.

*Hinch said that Jandel Gustave has the ability to help the Astros "whenever we want him."

*Goose Gossage - whom I personally witnessed drunkenly stumble into the women's restroom at Cooley's in Cooperstown - said that Jose Bautista is a disgrace, and that nerds are ruining baseball.

Czech out this HAWT TAKE:
I'll tell you what has happened, these guys played rotisserie baseball at Harvard or wherever the f--- hey went, and they thought they figured the f---ing game out. They don't know s---. A bunch of f---ing nerds running the game. You can't slide into second base. You can't take out the f---ing catcher because Posey was in the wrong position and they are going to change all the rules. You can't pitch inside anymore. I'd like to knock some of these f---ers on their ass and see how they would do against pitchers in the old days.

Ryan Braun is a f---ing steroid user. He gets a standing ovation on Opening Day in Milwaukee. How do you explain that to your kid after throwing people under the bus and lying through his f---ing teeth? They don't have anyone passing the f---ing torch to these people. If I had acted like that, you don't go in that f---ing dugout. There are going to be 20 f---ing guys waiting for you.

*Want to be a tour guide at an abandoned underground cistern by Buffalo Bayou?