Friday, March 11, 2016

All Astros As Anagrams

Because Opening Day can't get here soon enough.

C - Taco Jars, Son
1B - Neon Jostling
2B - Jealous Vet
SS - Car Oral Score
3B - Ban Usual Evil
LF - Crab Slums, Yo
CF - Car Legs. ZOOM!
RF - Green Eggs Prior
DH - Agent Vista

IF - Lawman Zero Zing
C - Sass It, Max
OF - Inseam Jar Kick
OF - Once Pert Turks

SP1 - A Leached Skull
SP2 - Chill, Munch, Go
SP3 - Narc Cell Muscle
SP4 - I Skim Free
SP5 - Turgid Foes

CL - King Eels
SU - Long Rug Seeker
RP - Tiny Pops
RP - Sir War Hill
RP - Dis Elf Josh
RP - Spank Thee
RP - Damn Colt Fest
RP - Clone Tits

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