Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

The Baseball Hall of Fame class of 2016 election announcement will take place this evening, and you can bet on...some sort of strong reaction either way.

*Things are looking good for Bagwell, writes Ortiz.

*Bagwell doesn't know what to expect with the results.

*The Boston Herald's Steve Buckley thinks any voter who doesn't share their ballot should lose their vote. (Agree).

*Here's FiveThirtyEight with an article on how the BBWAA has ignored the last 50 years of baseball.

*The Astros made some reassignments/hirings yesterday. To break it down (New hirings in italics):


Dave Borkowski: Pitching coach


Ramon Vazquez: Manager

Quad Cities

Omar Lopez: Manager
Chris Holt: Pitching coach


Drew French: Pitching coach
Dillon Lawson: Hitting coach


Josh Bonifay: Manager
Bill Murphy: Pitching coach

GCL Astros

Wladimir Sutil: Latin Infield Instructor

Aaron Delguidice (Fresno/Lancaster) and Tommy Kawamura (Corpus/Quad Cities) have been named as development coaches.

*Evan Drellich notes that Omar Lopez was originally supposed to be the Lancaster coach, and was assigned to Quad Cities, while Vazquez was originally the coach for the GCL Astros and got the big jump to Lancaster.

*And here's the rundown on all those changes, from Evan Drellich.

*Uh-oh. Derek Jeter's trainer is linked to the alleged Peyton Manning HGH supplier.