Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Morning Hot Links

*Newest Astro Doug Fister:
The choice to come here was driven from top down. I know we're trying to win a World Series here, and that's your ultimate goal...But as soon as you start breaking it down, the experience in their pitching staff, the youthfulness in the defense, and the way they carry me, taking care of the 25 guys next to you is most important.

Should probably point out that if it's Doug Fister and 25 players in the clubhouse, somebody is hurt or the Astros are trying to use a 26-Man Roster as a new market inefficiency.

*Luhnow talked about why the Astros added Doug Fister:
...One of the reasons we made the playoffs is we have a very successful starting rotation. It's my belief that a championship-caliber team improves even upon its strengths, not just its weaknesses.

*Fister looks like one of the winter's great bargains. (A good read about exit velocity, injuries, and mechanics).

*Some reports said Fister wanted 2yrs/$20m+.

*Via FanGraphs: Astros take the Doug Fister chance:
The Astros are willing to work with someone who throws in the 80s. With Fister, you just wonder where in the 80s he's going to throw.

*ESPN's David Schoenfield:
If there's an advantage the Astros have over their AL West rivals, it's that their rotation options past the top five projected starters look much better, and we know a team rarely gets through a season with just five or six starters.

Spring Training is going to be a Hunger Games-style round robin tournament between Fister, Fiers, and Feldman to see who will be the SP4 and SP5 and who will be the long man.

*Because you were feeling too good about the Astros, read Jeff Passan's history of the Albert Pujols homer.

*The Mariners want smarter players.