Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday Morning Hot Links

For the most part, things have (publicly) settled down with the Astros after the Ken Giles trade. Still, I think we can rustle up a few things of interest...

*Of the 42 markets with an MLB, NBA, and/or an NFL team, Grammarly ranked Houston 29th in terms of "most grammatical mistakes per 100 words," with 12.70.

I actually think this is because Grammarly doesn't understand what "cHRis carter" meant.

*Alex Speier: Giles, Kimbrel deals show relief doesn't come cheap.

*Phillies GM Matt Klentak said the Astros' offer was too good to pass up.

*This Marc Hulet FanGraphs piece says that the failed physical was (allegedly) Derek Fisher.

*While working out the details of the Giles deal, the Astros were in on Andrew Miller, Aroldis Chapman, Jake McGee, Brad Boxberger, and Craig Kimbrel.

*The Astros are not on Jonathan Papelbon's no-trade list. Good, it would be fun to have a guy in the clubhouse who might choke you at any point.

*Ted Berg has a good writeup of Mark Appel and the effectiveness of the MLB draft.

*Former Astros announcer Dave Raymond will help out on the Rangers tv and radio broadcasts.


MoleBoy said...

Shouldn't that be "cHRis Karter"?

Teddy said...

Papelbon would be a great addition to the clubhouse, he would nurture the young players and teach them how to give it your all on every play...that or he would murder every last one of them. Either way it would be entertaining.

The way I look at it, if Latrell Spreewell can choke his coach and still have other teams interested in his services, why not Papelbon? I mean, come on, who doesn't want to choke Bryce Harper...he's a spoiled little primadonna...I think Papelbon deserves an award, given to him by Bryce Harper on national TV. Harper will definitely not take this seriously when announcing the award and we are assured to have a repeat...wouldn't that be glorious.

Who doesn't want that kind of guy on the team?

Anonymous said...

I think Papplebon and Harper are both a-holes which is probably why they didn't get along.

JKA said...

Most speculation around the reworked Giles trade was that VV's physical might be the issue, given his past injury history; Fisher played through a hamate injury his last season at UVA but appeared healthy this season and was playing recently in the AFL.....