Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Important Hall of Fame Post

For the past couple years, we've been keeping track of the Hall of Fame votes for Bagwell, and then Bagwell and Biggio, and then Bagwell. These days, Ryan Thibs is doing such a thorough job with his ballot, that all we are really doing is reposting the information he finds and post on his Hall of Fame Tracker.

We've decided that this is a waste of time. So we are going to stop. I'm adding a link to the tracker on the main page, so if you are ever curious as to how the votes are going, you can just check it out over there.

If you do that now, you will notice that Bagwell is polling at 82%, and has added 10 voters who voted no last year. I still think he'll slip below 75%, but it's looking like he will make significant gains this year.

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Terence said...

Not just added ten votes, but all three first time voters that have released their ballots have also voted for him, so that's 13 new votes. Plus if you scroll through the notes at the bottom, he's on at least 9 of 12 partial ballots made public with one of those being a gained vote. So with ~14% of the vote known, Bagwell is at 81% and 14 new votes.

I was really discouraged after the vote last year, but with this year's purge of voters and some cleared space on the ballots it looks like Bagwell is going to make a big leap. Holding true to historical form, I expect to get my hopes up and for Bagwell to fall painfully short, somewhere in the neighborhood of five votes similar to Biggio two years ago.