Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

And here we go...

*Beyond the Box Score has the offseason strategies for each of the five AL West teams here.

*The Astros will split up $2,271,169.85 between players, coaches, and staff, thanks to making the playoffs.  According to McTaggart, the Astros voted to give out 53 full shares (worth just over $36,000 each), with 8.5 partial shares, and nine cash awards. We are still waiting to find out if we received a cash award.

*Richard Justice makes his predictions for free agency and major trade candidates. In short: the Giants and Cardinals sign all the free agents, the Astros trade for all the relievers.

*Fresno's Tony DeFrancesco was named Baseball America's Minor League Manager of the Year.

*Tracy Ringolsby has a profile of former scouting director Bobby Heck.

*The Marlins are considering adding Barry Bonds as a hitting coach.