Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Morning Hot Links

We took the weekend off and now it's time to #rise and #grind and be #blessed.

*Morgan Ensberg's "Mindset Coach" title is misleading, says Mindset Coach Morgan Ensberg.
I would say it's much more an advocate for players, coaches, managers.

Director of Minor League Operations Allen Rowin:
The concept is Morgan is going to travel around and make sure that all of our curriculum is implemented. He'll make sure everybody is on the same page unifying all the staff and players across the system from a philosophical standpoint.

*Nick Cafardo's Sunday column says...
-Daniel Murphy could be attractive to the Astros (among a number of other teams)
-David Price's price tag: 7yrs/$210m
-The Astros "could bid" for Matt Wieters

*Good article in the Chron about the downtown neighborhood revitalization around Minute Maid that never came.