Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Comparing Altuve's first 668 games

Our buddy Steve - who used to run the AppyAstros blog - did some legwork and sent this to us, comparing Jose Altuve's first 668 games to other notable second basemen..

A few notable things here:

*After 668 games, Jose Altuve is in the conversation with eleven Hall of Fame second basemen.
*After 668 games, only five players had more hits than Altuve: Paul Waner, Wade Boggs, Stan Musial, Tony Gwynn, and Derek Jeter. All went on to collect 3,000 hits in their careers.
*Altuve has more hits in his first 668 games than names like Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron, AlexRogers Hornsby, Rod Carew, Ryne Sandberg, Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez.

Peruse while you wait for Spring Training. And a big thanks to Steve!


Chaz R said...

Jose had a disappointing postseason, but we are certainly lucky to have such a talent under team control for a good amount of years and cheap!

ntxlfty said...

His numbers look even better when you only compare him to 2nd basemen. Boggs, Jeter, and A-Rod? Are you trying to give him a complex?

Anonymous said...

I know he was a hitting machine in the minors, but I really do wonder if this is sustainable? I hope that it is!!