Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hey look at that piece of sky that just hit the ground

Well. This is just. (sigh). The Astros are a 1/2-game back of the Western Louisiana Rangers. FanGraphs gives the Astros a 52.5% chance of winning the division (down from 90.2% on August 27) and an 82% chance of making the postseason. There are 17 games left, five of them are with the Rangers. Now that it matters, the Astros are 1.5 games up on the Twins for the 2nd WC spot.

The Astros are now 19-26 in 1-run games. They are 4-15 in 1-run road games since May 1.  They are 4-10 against the Rangers this season. Commence tearing your hair out.

*SI's extremely thorough game recap has questions for why Hinch used Harris once again. Harris, if you have actually gone insane and cannot remember, gave up the go-ahead homer to C.J. Cron on Saturday, the two-run go-ahead homer to Prince Fielder on Monday, and then the walk-off sac fly last night. Hinch, on going to Harris:
I clearly could have used (Gregerson), and didn't. 

Hinch, on the clubhouse:
We'll be ready to play. Our world's not coming to an end.

*ESPN's Jean-Jacques Taylor brought himself to climax as he wrote this story about the Rangers.
The Rangers, left for dead in late July when they fell nine games behind the Houston Astros, will wake up Wednesday morning in first place for the first time this season. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised, considering manager Jeff Banister ends virtually every tweet to his 17,500 followers with #nevereverquit.

*Carlos Gomez, Jason Castro, Jed Lowrie, Marwin Gonzalez. All are hurt. No one knows when they'll be back because of despair.

*Jim Crane caught a foul ball.

*A.J. Reed is Keith Law's Prospect of the Year.


Scott Eiland said...

All is not lost. Keuchel throws against "Overrated" Martin Perez tonight, even WITH the injury bug our guys have only lost the first two because of a ridiculous amount of bad luck (yes, i know Sunday was bonkers. Stay with me.) I fully expect Dallas to carve through the Rangers like butter, and a 5-1 victory tonight will put Houston back in 1st where they belong.

We've been through the last decade since our pennant win. We've survived guys named Ambriz being called our closer. Remember that time we signed the decaying corpse of JACK CUST? How about the endless "Houston We Have A Problem" headlines from clueless northern sportswriters all sneering and chuckling about their turn of phrase as we never approached relevancy as Ed Wade used chalk and a blackboard to figure out what talent to sign, all while Drayton kept telling us we had the players to win?

Yes, we've dropped some coinflip games at the worst possible time.

But it's not over. South Oklahoma has a worse history of shooting off their own feet than we do.

We've come this far. We'll get through this too.

Because we're Astros fans. This is kind of what we do.

Chaz R said...

Ugh. I felt I was jinxing them when I bought that postseason package!

Roseana Auten said...

@Scott Eiland, from your lips to God's ears. I've been a Astros fan longer than some current players have been alive! and I'm not going to cash in my chips now. The team is in far better hands than it has been in years, as you have pointed out. I have to attend an event in Houston in October and I fully intend to be watching my MLB At Bat app the entire time.