Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

Good morning, citizens of Astros County. My wife had somewhat of a medical emergency over the weekend, so blogging is going to be spotty for the next few days. Of course, it may be that thinking about the Astros is one of the few ways to keep my already-tenuous grip on sanity (how awful is that thought?). Please bear with...

*Having seen their Playoff Odds (via FanGraphs) drop from 80.5% to 56.2% in the last ten days and the team fall out of 1st place for the first time since April, the Astros "are expected" to target Johnny Cueto in a trade. Jon Heyman, quoting someone with INSIDE INFORMATION THAT NO ONE ELSE WOULD HAVE EVER THOUGHT OF, says the Astros "know they need another starter." OH YOU DON'T SAY.

*Within that Heyman piece, the Astros don't appear to be interested in Cole Hamels, presumably because he's a doucheface.

*Dallas Keuchel is the first Astros pitcher since Clemens in 2004 to start the All-Star Game, joining a club of J.R. Richard and Mike Scott. And he is excited.

*Throwback link to when Lloyd McClendon said that Dallas Keuchel was an average pitcher.

*Chronicle columnist Brian T. Smith writes that Houston could very well be a baseball town again.

*Phillies reliever and noted whiner Jonathan Papelbon desperately wants out of Philadelphia.


Michael Carder said...

Here's some love and good vibes coming your way. Hope all settles back into a sane orbit. Hugs and kisses :-)

Wallee Wright said...

I keep reading that the Astros need pitching ... what are we going to use this mystery savior for, DH? Because we sure as hell can't hit, and unless we get a sub 1.00 ERA starter we're going to continue to lose, particularly to left-handers. And what is contributing to our inability to score runs without the dinger is that nonsensical L-R-L-R-L-R-L-R batting order Hinch posts for every game ... what it does is ensure that when we get hits we are unable to string enough consecutively to put up a crooked number.

Chaz R said...

Sorry to hear about your wife. Hope all works out.

The offense is slumping right now. They certainly need to address the 3B and 1B issues, and with Springer hurt the OF hitting is also thin. I still think the biggest deficiency, especially if we are thinking post season, is the rotation. We really do need a veteran sure thing to go with Keuchel. We're going to need to go after one in the upcoming offseason anyway, let's get him now and use him now. I think it's Cueto. We will have to give up something significant. I like the way this guy thinks: