Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Tuesday Trade Deadline Update(s)

Newest items at top

*The Astros are "in the ballpark" on Hamels.

*The Royals just traded for former Astros great Ben Zobrist and now they must be stopped.

*Assessing the market for Hamels, Rosenthal tweets the Rangers are "strong," Dodgers and Astros are "involved," Giants "pushing, but may fall short."

*Now that Tulowitzki is gone, the Rockies are shopping Carlos Gonzalez.

*No, the Tigers are not going to trade David Price.

*The Tigers are "actively shopping," according to "a team with pitching to trade."

*For those of you wanting Jeff Samardzija, the White Sox aren't sure if they're ready to punt on this year yet.

*Jayson Stark is reporting that the Phillies want teams interested in Hamels to submit their best offers by tomorrow (Wednesday):

Sources have confirmed that the Astros have made a late push to acquire Hamels since the Phillies ace pitched a no-hitter last Saturday. However, Hamels can block a trade to Houston and the Astros have been given no assurance in recent days that that stance has changed.

Hamels' next scheduled start is Thursday.

*Evan Drellich writes that finding another starting pitcher remains the Astros' top priority, while the Padres and Phillies had scouts watching the Astros' and the Rangers' Double-A teams over the weekend.

*Jon Heyman wrote this morning that the Astros...

a) Seem to be more interested in San Diego's Andrew Cashner or Tyson Ross "plus Craig Kimbrel" because of their relative youth...

b) But maybe Jim Crane is the one driving interest in Cole Hamels...

c) But Hamels doesn't seem to be "anxious" about going to Houston.

The one possibility that could put these two sides together even though neither seems anxious to get together would be if Philly finds the best deal in Houston and tells Hamels he must decide whether to accept the Astros or stay in Philadelphia.


Michael Carder said...

I know Hamels is the sexy topic right now, but if Luhnow can get Cashner and/or Ross + Kimbrel, jump off the freakin' bridge and DO IT!!

JoeinAlaska said...

I really hope we don't give up two or three prime prospects for this great pitcher. Hamels is going to command a salary that will make it difficult to sign our homegrown heros in the near future. To many times purchasing a big name player winds up a bust like what happened to Oakland last year. I'd rather stick with kids that brought us this far.
I have a feeling Hamels wouldn't accept a trade to Houston anyway. Maybe the Phills are just using us to jack up the price? I really hope the Dodgers land him!

Anonymous said...

Would there be any benefit to a larger deal of both Hamels and Howard? I know Howard is on the downside of his career, but if they pick up a piece of that contract, then he would still be a significant upgrade over Chris Carter.

What kind of package would the Phillies want for both?


Anonymous said...

We have seven prospects in the top 100 list just produce today. All of them are in the bottom half of the top 10 in their position. Even though we have decent pitching in the minors We don't have any blue Chip pitchers in the farm. With us not having a top pick next year in the draft we are going to have to think about the freeagency market realistically for another top pitcher.

I don't exactly know what the answer is, but I am not thrilled tto trade away a good farm system.

Anonymous said...

Any deal we make needs to protect space on the 40 man roster so we don't lose prospects. Hoes, carter, valbueno, Presley, , and anything anythelse anything else that we don't see a future with should be shipped out we don't have future with should be shipped out.

Ntxlfty said...

Jeez, that's all it took to land Papelbon? We have busloads of mediocre AA pitchers. I have a sneaking suspicion that without interference from Crane, Luhnow would have already landed Shields and Kimbrel from the Padres.

Anonymous said...

Ntxlfty, I disagree with your sentiment. What makes you think crane is throwing up roadblocks?

ntxlfty said...

Who said anything about roadblocks? I was just agreeing with Jon Heyman. I will admit to being a little gun shy about owner-initiated trades.