Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Morning Hot Links

The Astros maintain a 2.5-game lead over the division, giving them a 45.5% chance of winning the division and a 61.3% chance of making the postseason, according to FanGraphs.

*Springer put on a freaking show, hitting two homers and making some stellar defensive plays. Hinch:
(Springer) is contributing in every facet. He leads off the game, first pitch, bam he's on base and Correa gets a base hit and now we have an inning developing.

*Colby Rasmus was placed on the bereavement list after last night's game to attend his grandmother's funeral, and the Astros called up Domingo Santana to take his spot. A.J. Hinch:
(Rasmus) has asked for some privacy on this. It's a very close-knit family of his, so keep them in your thoughts.

*The Tucker Brothers hope to play on the same field one day. Kyle Tucker:
With Houston it was a great opportunity. I'll have the opportunity to hopefully one day play with my brother in the big leagues. It's overall a great organization. With bringing up young kids this year, hopefully I'll be a part of that one day.

*Brad Peacock will see a back specialist and have an MRI

*Sports On Earth writes about Correa, McCullers, and Velasquez in a division-by-division look at the Year of the Rookie.

*Here's a great story about Walker Johnson, who threw the first pitch at Monday night's game.

*16th Round pick Adam Whitt will join Donnie Angiotte and Chad Qualls as the only players from the University of Nevada to play for the Astros' organization.

*The Astros signed A&M Corpus Christi's Jacob Dorris to a free agent contract. He threw 40.2IP, striking out 50, and is the school's career leader in saves and appearances.


Anonymous said...

In more news, fbi is investigating the cardinals hacking the astros internal network. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=13089970

Chris Cupp said...

It isn't the hacking that seems to be the most troubling issue, it was the disclosure of the information that, to me, is most troubling. some of the article says that they were concerned that luhnow may have taken some proprietary information with him when he left the cardinals. so they went in with a master password list he had...got in...looked around to see what they could find.

so, instead of stopping there, they take some of the information and give it to those outside the baseball community.

THAT is malicious. THAT was vengeful. THAT was a big FU LUHNOW!!!