Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Morning Link Dump

Back from vacation and with two decent nights' sleep behind me, let's get back to some postings, eh?

At 43-34, the Astros have a 53.9% chance to win the division, according to FanGraphs, and a 66% chance of making the postseason. Baseball Prospectus puts the division chance at 46.7% with postseason chance at 61.2%.

*A.J. Hinch said he was "disappointed" at Oberholtzer throwing at A-Rod, which led to his ejection and, seemingly, his demotion to Triple-A after the game. Hinch talked to both A-Rod and manager Joe Girardi.

*Oberholtzer said he wasn't throwing at A-Rod, just that his command sucked all game. It didn't prevent CC Sabathia from storming the field and having to be restrained by Girardi.

*Michael Feliz may be coming up to replace Oberholtzer.

*Cole Hamels hasn't ruled out a trade to the Astros, but admitted that he didn't think they would be this good. Hamels:
I had to make a list back in October. I came up with a criteria based on a lot of things - winning and losing, family. It was only nine teams. Those teams were in the middle of the pack...(The Astros) just didn't make the nine-team list. When I made the list in October - who knew?

*Corpus' Conrad Gregor's defense from the beginning of the season to now is "like night and day."

*Scott Feldman is progressing in his rehab stint, throwing a workout session before yesterday's game.

*Colby Rasmus has a skin infection on his arm.

*As the season progresses, the Astros will try to skip starts or make some relief appearances in order to limit McCullers' and Velasquez's innings. And Scott Boras likes the Astros' plan. (Whew!)

*Chris Young vs. Houston, career: .336/.399/.615. Chris Young at Minute Maid Park, career: .407/.445/.769. Don't pitch to Chris Young.


Chaz R said...

I was at the game yesterday and was really surprised at how quickly Obie got tossed. There seemed to be no reason (other than the 2 HRs) and no warning from the umps. I guess AJ believes he did it intentionally. And now they sent him out to Fresno- ? Wow, that hurts. Are we back to using Hernandez as a starter?

Anonymous said...

nah son cant you read.. Feliz most likely coming up to grab the spot, feldman getting close to coming back and I believe theres an off day when Obie was suppose to pitch next so a move doesn't have to be made for another week