Thursday, June 4, 2015

PreStros Morning Report: June 3


*Org goes 3-0 on the day; cumulative 131-78 record
*Brady Rodgers threw 7IP and L.J. Hoes had three hits and three stolen bases in a 4-1 Fresno win.
*Mark Appel threw 5IP, 2H/0ER, 3K:0BB as Corpus pieced together enough singles for a 3-2 win.
*Jacob Nottingham hit three doubles and Quad Cities' three homers result in an 8-1 win.

Fresno (31-22)

Colorado Springs got on the board first, taking a 1-0 lead in the 3rd, but Fresno scored four unanswered runs to win 4-1 on the road. Brady Rodgers threw a strong game, allowing just 5H/1ER, 2K:0BB in 7IP; Mitch Lambson allowed a hit in 0.1IP, and Jason Stoffel finished off the 8th inning. Kevin Chapman gave up a hit and a walk, but struck out two to get his 5th save of the season.

L.J. Hoes was 3x5 with three stolen bases; Carlos Correa was 2x3 with a double, two walks, and an RBI; Robbie Grossman (2B, BB) and Matt Duffy (3B, RBI) had two hits each. Jon Singleton was 1x4 with an RBI and a walk.

Man of the Match: L.J. Hoes

Corpus (35-16)

In what might be his best start of the season, Mark Appel and the Hooks come away with a 3-2 win over NW Arkansas. Appel threw 82 pitches in 5IP, allowing 2H/1R (0ER), 3K:0BB. Kyle Westwood allowed 2H/0ER, 2K:0BB in 3IP, and Jandel Gustave gave up 2H/1R (0ER), 1K:0BB in the 9th.

Teoscar Hernandez and Andrew Aplin each had two hits, Tyler White had a hit and drew two walks; Tony Kemp and Colin Moran (RBI) each had a hit and a walk. Conrad Gregor and Jio Mier added RsBI. All eight hits were singles.

Man of the Match: Mark Appel

Lancaster (28-24)


Quad Cities (37-16)

Quad Cities had a 5-0 lead before West Michigan even got on the board, cruising to an 8-1 win. Jorge Perez threw 5IP, 6H/0ER, 5K:3BB and Austin Chrismon threw 4IP, 2H/1ER, 3K:1BB.

Jacob Nottingham was 3x4 with three doubles and 2RBI; Kristian Trompiz was 2x3 with a double and 2RBI; Jason Martin, Alex Hernandez (2RBI) and Ramon Laureano all hit homers.

Man of the Match: Jacob Nottingham. The 20-year old catcher is hitting .338/.395/.592 for the River Bandits this season.