Monday, June 1, 2015

Monday Morning Hot Links

The Astros lost yesterday, so did the Mariners; but the Angels, Rangers, and A's won, putting the Astros' lead at 4.0 games. FanGraphs gives the Astros a 35.4% chance of winning the division, with a 57.9% chance of making the postseason - highest in the American League.

*The Astros got four doubles and a triple yesterday and still got shutout. The last time the Astros had 4+ XBH and didn't score a run was May 23, 1991 when the Astros had doubles from Biggio, Bagwell, Steve Finley, and Luis Gonzalez, and lost 2-0 to the Dodgers. Tuffy Rhodes and Casey Candaele played in that game for the Astros.

*In the last two games, Jonathan Villar made three errors and three TOOTBLANs. He left the clubhouse before talking to the media yesterday.

*Sam Deduno's rehab assignment has been shut down due to hip pain.

*Michael Feliz is headed back to Corpus, but was appreciative of the opportunity to pitch an inning in Houston. His option will make way for Brett Oberholtzer to test out that blister once again on Monday night against Baltimore.

*2014 1-37 pick Derek Fisher broke a 61-year old Cal League record by driving in 12 runs with two grand slams in his first game for Lancaster on Saturday night.

*Here's the Masked Marvel on the Ghosts of Astros Past: SP edition

*Some May 2015 hitting statistics for you:

Evan Gattis: .276/.304/.629, 20K:5BB
George Springer: .247/.396/.468, 25K:19BB
Preston Tucker: .317/.354/.433, 12K:6BB
Chris Carter: .215/.318/.441, 38K:15BB
Jason Castro: .250/.289/.444, 22K:3BB
Jose Altuve: .231/.294/.343, 12K:9BB
Marwin Gonzalez: .250/.250/.359, 14K:0BB
Luis Valbuena: .163/.212/.337, 27K:6BB

And some May pitching lines:

Dallas Keuchel: 44.2IP, 37H/13ER, 38K:10BB (2.62 ERA)
Pat Neshek: 10IP, 4H/0ER, 8K:0BB (0.40 WHIP)
Josh Fields: 11.2IP, 3H/1ER, 19K:4BB (0.77 ERA)
Chad Qualls: 11IP, 10H/6ER, 10K:1BB (2.45 ERA)
Collin McHugh: 39IP, 43H/22ER, 29K:7BB, 8 HR allowed (5.08 ERA)
Fausto Carmona: 36.2IP, 45H/23ER, 14K:11BB (5.65 ERA)
Luke Gregerson: 10.2IP, 11H/7ER, 14K:5BB (5.91 ERA)