Friday, June 26, 2015

Astros sign Riley Ferrell; Singleton up for Qualls

Two quick news items prior to today's game.

The Astros signed Riley Ferrell for an undisclosed amount.  My sources in the front office have informed me that the signing bonus is less than 10 million.  Ferrell is a relief pitcher at TCU, and he was drafted in the third round - 79th overall - by the Astros.

And with every signing of a player in the early rounds, the Daz Cameron situation becomes more clear.

Also, a handsome Astros County reader suggested in the comments a few days ago that a Chad Qualls for Jon Singleton 25-man swap would be a logical move.  Well, it isn't a swap, but Singleton will get a look.  He was just added to the 25-man, sliding into the space created by Chad Qualls, who hit the DL with a pinched nerve in his neck.  It is possible that this injury has been bothering him for some time.

Singleton should be available tonight, and Quall's DL stint is retroactive to Thursday - the 13 inning game in which Qualls was the last man on the mound in the walk-off loss.

The Astros obviously think that they have considerable bullpen depth in the minor-leagues, too, because they traded AAA reliever Richard Rodriguez to the Orioles for cash considerations.


Anonymous said...

less than 10 million?! I would hope so!

Masked Marvel said...

Yes. I had to choose an outrageous figure to cover for the fact that I don't have any sources in the Front Office.

The Batguy said...

Marvel, next time I go to the movies with Luhnow I'll invite you

Kenneth Meadows said...

Masked Marvel - Not trying to make you feel bad, but the Rodriquez trade is for a "PTBNL" or cash considerations. My sources in the front office have told me that the PTBNL is between Manny Machado and Dylan Bundy. If the Astros cannot decide, then the Orioles will pay cash in an amount less than $10 million. I bet we have the same source.

Anonymous said...

Jim Calls is saying 1 mil

Masked Marvel said...

Batguy, I would be grateful. I offer to buy the popcorn for both you and Jeff.

Masked Marvel said...

Additionally, 1 million (if correct) is less than 10 mil. My sources* were correct!

* - no sources.