Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Morning Link Dump

Off-day for the Astros today, which is like being able to play with your presents until 10am and then getting told to put them up until December 27. MLB is dumb.

*Cleveland.com: "Keuchel is a quality pitcher, so he deserves props for his role in the outcome. But the Indians bear some responsibility for making it too easy on him."

*Terry Francona: "A lot of nights, we'd be sitting here saying: 'He had a great game that was a win.' But their guy was good, too. There wasn't a whole lot of offense going on."

*ESPN: Still making short jokes about Altuve!

*Peacock and Fields are still rehabbing.

*Randy Harvey: Astros moving closer to respectability

*Wandy Rodriguez signed a minor-league deal with the Rangers