Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jed Lowrie may hit the DL

Jed Lowrie injured his right thumb while sliding into home plate during the eighth inning of the game against the Padres.  He slid on his left side, with his left hand extending toward the plate, but his right thumb was caught and appeared to be hyperextended when he rolled onto his front.  The available information says that it has been swelling up a fair bit, and he will head back to Houston for an MRI.

It seems nearly certain that Lowrie will miss the rest of the San Diego series, and highly likely that he will hit the DL.  Thumb injuries - even sprains - are famous for taking a while to heal, and sapping power if they linger.  I doubt that the Astros will take any chances with this one.

I would be very surprised if anyone but Jonathan Villar gets promoted if Lowrie goes on the DL.  But seeing Correa would be very cool.  I doubt it will happen, however.