Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hey, I think the Astros lifted this design

Two nights ago Orbit ran around the field waving a flag. It was cool.

But something looked familiar. Back in August 2014 I asked the Crawfish Boxes' Ryan Dunsmore - graphic designer extraordnaire (you may remember his work from the Rodon Warning graphic he graciously let us add to some posts in 2013-14) - to do this...

He even did one with a blue background very similar to the one you see in the flag above. And that was a variation on another design he put up in June 2014 on the Crawfish Boxes.

So...hey's entirely possible that this is all just a coincidence. But you should probably hire Dunsmore, or at least throw him some partial credit, or some tickets. Or let him take an inning at DH.