Monday, February 2, 2015

We Need a Little Baseball

*Sung to the tune of We Need a Little Christmas

Load up the ball bag
Outline the base paths fore my spirit falls again
Spray down the infield
I may be rushing things, but Spring Training come again now.

For we need a little baseball
Need to start an inning
McHugh throwing curveballs
Astros maybe winning?
Yes, we need a little Baseball
Right this very minute
I know the Super Bowl just ended
They need time to get concussions mended

So put on your stirrups
Break in your glove again from the long winter break
Grab the bat handle
Altuve needs to start another hitting streak now

For we’ve added some new hitters
Added some new pitchers
Even added a new coacher
And we need to start an inning
Springer hitting dingers

Yes, we need a little baseball now.