Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jeff Bagwell Returns

The Astros have announced that Jeff Bagwell is returning to the Astros to serve as a guest instructor during Spring Training this year, after having been away from the game since briefly serving as the Astros hitting coach in 2010. 

Obviously, Jeff Bagwell's presence alone is not going to turn Jon Singleton into a .300/.400/.500 slash line hitter. (Or will it....?) But he clearly mastered hitting during his playing days, and hopefully he can impart some of that wisdom on the Astros current roster. More importantly, Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio represent the Astros to most of us, and it's nice to see Bagwell return to the fold. Let's hope this will lead to a bigger role in the future.


Lucas Levin said...

I really think he could be a help to singleton and the others. Bagwell was a great hitting coach a few years back.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell ya what.....if he thinks you're just loafing around and not playing all WILL get a hand on your neck, and be told to sit down! Baggy takes baseball VERY serious, and anyone he helps should too!!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing he's there to help with plate approaches. This team has a ton of free swingers and will be bound to whiff as often as Brad Ausmus when runners were in scoring position.

Having a strategy when going to bat is going to be critical for these folks. I'm hoping he can help significantly with the situational hitting and plate approach.

--- A Lifelong 'Stros Fan.