Thursday, December 11, 2014

What the fudge are the Marlins thinking?

Just a quick mention that the very likeable Kiké Hernandez is now a little less likeable - especially in this part of the world.

The Marlins get a second baseman who is probably not as good as Kiké, a SP who will probably retire, and a minor-league waiver-bait SS.

And for this privilege, they gave up their #1 prospect who is also a LH SP with 6 years control, super-utility-starting-second-baseman-in-waiting Kiké Hernandez, a reliever with a 5:1 K:BB ratio in 2014, and a sounds-suspiciously-like-Craig-Biggio-clone C/2B who has walked more than he has struck out in his minor-league career.


But as always - and in keeping with the Astros-centricity in this blog - best of luck to Kiké.  And just in case you think that you might have a shot at the starting 2B gig in LA... no dice!!  The Dodgers flipped Heaney to the Angels for one year of Howie Kendrick.  Who then traded for Josh Rutledge of the Rockies.  So, Kiké, perhaps when the second-base carousel stops, you may be on a team that has a vacancy there.*

* - Assuming, of course, that Kiké continues to profile best as a second-baseman.

And, like any questionable move that the Marlins make, this priceless tweet from 2012 gets dusted off and re-tweeted (and apologies to the readers, the Marlins and Cosart for earlier mistaking the date on the tweet):