Thursday, December 11, 2014

Is Justin Masterton the next Astro??

Justin Masterton is about to sign with an unknown team.

The Astros are highly secretive and very quiet.

The Astros are thinking of obtaining more starting pitching, especially from the second tier of starters.  The money quote... from Jeff Luhnow:
"We like our rotation but feel like there is a room for one proven major league starter to write in there somewhere in the middle of the rotation. Something we’re going to explore."
Finally, Justin Masterton plus Brett Strom equals certain Cy Young Award.  If he can wrest it off Collin McHugh, that is.  Masterton represents a good bounce-back candidate, and if he pitches well, he can be slapped with a QO in the coming offseason.

I am, of course, aware that the "mystery team" is none other than the Red Sawx, but one can dream, right??  The Sawx can't get everyone!

This would also require a roster move, as the Astros sit at 40 once Gregerson and Neshek are added, which they have not been at the time of writing.  Potentially, the Astros could also add a piece / some pieces in the Rule V Draft, but again, this would require a corresponding roster move.

Cross fingers!!