Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Astros reportedly offer 5yrs/$65m to Chase Headley

According to the New York Daily News' Bill Madden, the Astros have offered 5yrs/$65m to 3B Chase Headley.

Madden notes that, if the Giants lose out on Jon Lester, they will get heavily involved on Headley, having lost Pablo Sandoval to the Red Sox.

Headley will be 31 in May and has a career .265/.347/.409 slash line with a 22.6% K-rate. His breakout year came in 2012 when he hit .286/.376/.498 and a 7.2 WAR. Since then, however, he has posted a 3.6 and 4.4 WAR, respectively. The Padres traded Headley last July to the Yankees for Yangervis Solarte and a minor-leaguer.

This would be weird, given that the Astros have Colin Moran and Rio Ruiz in the wings at 3B, and a shift to 1B for Headley would impact Jon Singleton, as well.


Dylan said...

What would the plan be in the final years of the deal? Move him to left field or first base like Carlos Lee?

JoeinAlaska said...

I do not understand this at all. Yes, we need a shortstop, first baseman and third baseman. But Singleton is still adjusting to the big leagues, Correa, Moran and Ruiz could make the club in a year or so. This looks like Luhnow is trying to move up the date they'll be competitive. I say wait and be patient with the youngsters. Winning another 5-6 games this years isn't worth blocking the kids or paying to much for a good, but not outstanding, aging third baseman now.

Terence said...

Looking at his production over the last 6 years, 5/65 seems like a steal and a great value contract. The team should always be interested in adding value to the roster. Headley looks like a guy who can do a little bit of everything and would provide some value in 2015 and going forward. It's also nice to have a couple of "veteran" voices on the roster.If best case scenario Ruiz/Moran/Carter/Singleton/Santana are all ready to produce at the beginning of 2016 then I think Headley at 4/$52 would probably be a good trade chip next offseason. However as long as we have 2 corner outfield positions, 2 corner infield positions, and a DH slot I'm sure there's room for a guy like Headley on the roster.