Monday, November 3, 2014

Welcome to the Astros, Will Harris

Quick facts on Will Harris:
  • Houston native.
  • RHP, reliever
  • Drafted by Rockies in 2006, 9th round
  • Cheap (pre-arbitration, eligible after 2016)
  • 6' 4"
  • FIP < ERA - for his career 3.16 versus 4.26
  • > 1 strikeout per inning for his career (9.7 K/9)
  • Doesn't walk many (2.7 BB/9)
  • Doesn't give up many home runs (0.8 HR/9, but had a year in Colorado where he gave up 1.5/9)
  • On twitter (@willharris15)
  • He will have to fight Jason Castro for the number 15, or change his twitter handle.
Will be interesting.

1 comment:

Ryan_5714 said...

*Quietly open the door and tip toe in*

*Leave note on table that says, "THANK YOU ALL FOR ALL YOU DO. I ENJOY THIS SITE"*

*Whisper, "The Astros traded Nick Tropeano and Carlos Perez to the Angels for Hank Conger.*

*Quietly close door and skulk away.*