Thursday, October 30, 2014

Keuchel Named Best Defensive Pitcher By Fielding Bible

The Fielding Bible Awards are the less known, but more legitimate, awards for defensive excellence in baseball, voted on by a panel consisting of Bill James, BIS Video Scouts, Brian Kenny, Dave Cameron, Doug Glanville, Hal Richman, Joe Posnanski, John Dewan, Mark Simon, Peter Gammons, Rob Neyer and a Tom Tango fan poll. Unlike the Gold Glove, this is an MLB wide award, and is not divided between NL and AL.

Danny Knobler has reported than Keuchel won the Pitching Fielding Bible Award for 2014.

Among pitchers, Keuchel led the majors by a wide margin with 10 Defensive Runs Saved, a stat calculated by the Fielding Bible, so this was expected. Keuchel is the Astros first winner since Bourn took the Center Field Award in 2010, and the second since the award originated in 2006.

UPDATE: The Fielding Bible has made it official. Keuchel earned 109 out of 120 possible votes, beating runner up Clayton Kershaw. Full voting can be found here