Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Rodeo and the Texans walk into a bar...

The Rodeo and the Texans came up with a spiffy little 37-page plan to demolish the Astrodome and turn it into a greenspace entitled the "Astrodome Hall of Fame."

Said plan would conveniently be enacted in time for Reliant to host the 2017 Super Bowl.

Let's cast our gaze back all the way to May 2013 when the New York Times' Jere Longman wrote a love letter to the Dome, and then threw this nugget in there:

As Houston sought the 2017 Super Bowl, Roger Goodell...did not call for the wrecking ball. But he said in March that additional parking for nearby Reliant Stadium could be "a very positive change" in Houston'd bid.

So the Commissioner of the NFL would very much like to see *something* done to the Dome to help with parking for one game. Good plan, bro.