Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mark Appel struggles again

Not only are the JetHawks down 7-1 as of the 6th inning, and Teoscar Hernandez was hit on the hand by a pitch and left the game, but Mark Appel struggled yet again in a Lancaster start to the tune of 4.1IP, 13H/7ER, 5K:1BB. Two runners left on by Appel in the 5th were allowed to score by Juan Minaya.

So far in 2014: 36.2IP, 62H/39ER, 31K:10BB.

More later.


John Martin said...

Hopefully this year is an anomoly due to all the factors we're already aware of, but I'm not going to get my hopes up.

Anonymous said...

But, for the second night in a row, Lancaster overcomes a huge deficit and wins the game. Awesome hitting team.1oldpro

JoeinAlaska said...

Bad luck? Three first round draft picks-
#1- Out for the season with broken fibula
#2- ERA of 10 in 40 innings of High A season ball
#3-Not signed yet because of suspected elbow problems (the number #5 pick not signed because #1 has not yet signed)

I'm going to concentrate on the prospects that have performed better than expected, like Kike Hernandez. I still believe in Luhnow and the front office!

Anonymous said...

Well his K:BB ratio is at least positive? And, he did pitch ok for the first four innings. Looks like he ran into a wall in the 5th.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to put Appel under the "bad luck" category.

Anonymous said...

Clearly something isn't working. Why not put him back in Quad Cities until he gets it together? Then jump to AA. Kris Bryant and Byron Buxton sound pretty nice right now.
Adam Bishea

Anonymous said...

Chan Moon has 3 HRs in < 60 ABs at Lancaster. That is all you need to know wrt the perils of pitching there.

Anonymous said...

Byron Buxton who has been hurt most of the year and in his eight games played is batting .107/.138/.250???????????????????? I'll keep Correa, thanks.It's amazing how many Astros fans don't understand how good he is.

Anonymous said...

Mr. or Ms. Anonymous,
First of all, I am very happy to have Correa. He looks like an amazing talent. But I would rather have the best prospect in baseball by almost every measure. Look at any ranking (, BA, BP, ESPN, etc) and Buxton is a strong number one. Secondly, are you really going to use an 8 game sample size to back up your argument. Thirdly, my comment was mearly expressing frustration about the Appel situation, not some shot against Correa or the organization. Finally, are you going to use the fact that Buxton was injured as an opportunity to slam him while praising the currently injured Correa. You took my post very personally for some reason, and aren't exactly making yourself look by bashing me with crappy reasoning.

Anonymous said...

Just in - Aiken didn't sign today along wi 2 other drafted pitchers so all 3 lost!