Thursday, July 10, 2014

Astros trade Bobby Doran

The Astros have traded 2010 4th Round draft pick Bobby Doran to the White Sox.

In five seasons with the Astros, Doran was 32-20 with a 4.83 ERA/1.40 WHIP and 2.19 K:BB ratio. In 80.2IP for Triple-A OKC this season, Doran allowed 94H/48ER, with 41K:29BB.

There's no word yet on the return player, so Doran joins pitcher Andrew Robinson as players shipped out with no reported return. AND Doran joins Robinson and Alex Sogard as pitchers traded from the 2010 draft class.


Anonymous said...

Why are we trading pretty good prospects for not that good prospects i don't understand?

Masked Marvel said...

Because guys like Doran and Sogard (i) aren't pretty good prospects and (ii) won't get a chance to get an opportunity at the ML level unless a Texas Rangers-sized injury bug bites. I am guessing that the PTBNL are likely to be lower level guys, much further from the bigs.

The General said...

We are trading $1.00 for scratch off tickets. We got plenty of singles, why not try to hit a homer?

Anonymous said...

Hard throwing lhp sogard is good both terrible trades.