Thursday, June 19, 2014

PreStros Morning Report: June 18

I thought that I would get in an do the PreStros today, giving the Constable time to look at more pictures of wild cats on the internet....

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* A ripper* of a day for the Affiliates, going 0-3, and "raising" their record to 156-134
* Oklahoma City outhit their opponents, and gave up a walk-off loss
* Corpus Christi outhit their opponents, but lost before the walk off was possible
* Lancaster and Quad Cities start a four-game series tomorrow
* Tri-City lost to the Lake Monsters (Best.  Name.  Ever!)

* - ripper, as in Jack the...

Oklahoma City (40-34)

Oklahoma City and a handsome 6-3 lead heading in to the bottom of the ninth.  The observant reader's reaction:  "Why would you mention that?  Did Reno get docked runs in the last inning, and the game end 6-1 or something??  Or, somewhat impossibly, did Oklahoma City blow a late lead??  Impossible!!"

Oklahoma City loses, 7-6.  They out hit the Reno (41-32) side 14-8, but also out-errored them, 2-1.

Bumpy Bit:  Asher Wojciechowski is back!  He got the start, had had a little bit of a rough time.  His line was 3.1IP, 3H, 3R/ER, 4BB, K.  Control was clearly an issue.  He was relieved by David Martinez, who was just flat out dominant with no control issues - 4.2IP, H, 6K.  He passed the game on to Andrew Robinson, recent AA promotion, who did not retire a batter whilst giving up four runs and four hits.  On ten pitches.  Gosh.  As Ron Burgandy would say: "Boy, that escalated quickly... I mean, that really got out of hand... fast."

Flat Bit:  Lots of hits here, including Domingo Santana (3-4, BB, RBI, SB), Preston Tucker (1-3, 2BB, R, RBI), L.J. Hoes (2-3, 2BB, RBI, 2R, SB), Enrique Hernandez (2-5), Austin Wates (2-4, BB, 2R, 2SB), Gregorio Petit (2-4, BB, 3RBI) and Matt Duffy (2-5, 2B, R).

Interestingly, playing CF for Oklahoma was L.J. Hoes.  Keep an eye on CF-ers at OKC, because it may signal an intention to trade Dexter Fowler.

Man of the Match:  David Martinez, whom I recently suggested could get a look, was just plain nasty.  And Domingo Santana was named in the same article.  Co-MoTM's.

Corpus Christi (34-38)

What would signal that Corpus had broken free from their offensive slumpitude??  Actually scoring some runs?  Check!  Twelve hits??  Double Check!!  Winning??  .... crickets...  Corpus, like Oklahoma City, out-hit San Antonio (38-34) 12 to 8, but also out-errored them 3-1, and out-Caught-Stealing them 3-1 (in the bad way).  And they also lost by a score of 5-2.

Bumpy Bit:  Thomas Shirley got the start, and ended up giving up more runs than he could afford: 6IP, 5H, 3R, 2ER, BB, 2K.  Alex Sogard took over, and added a pair to the run total for the Missions: 2IP, 3H, 2R/ER, BB, K.  Shirley threw 98 pitches, and kept the ball on the ground (9:4 GO:FO ratio)

Flat Bit:  Jonathan Meyer did well (3-4, 2B, 3B, RBI, R), and he was surrounded in the order by M.P. Cokinos (2-4, R, CS) and Carlos Perdomo (2-4, RBI).  Ruben Sosa went 2-3, SB, CS, and Delino DeShields went 1-3, CS.  Leo Heras went 1-1 before being replaced for unclear reasons.

No one walked.  Including Nolan Fontana, who was tossed in the eighth after an 0-4, 2K night.

Man of the Match:  I guess you have to go with Jonathan Meyer, who finished a home-run short of the cycle, and recorded the only two extra-base hits that the Hooks managed.

Lancaster (44-26)

Lancaster finish up their All Star Break today.  They start a four-game away series tomorrow against Lake Elsinore.

Quad Cities (35-34)

Quad Cities also finish up their All Star Break today.  They start a four-game home series tomorrow, against Peoria.

Tri-City (3-3)

Tri-Cities completed a black day for the Affiliates, losing by a score of 6-0 to Vermont (4-2).  However, they won the game where it counted, out-erroring Vermont (in the bad way) by a score of 3-0.  They should get a bonus point for that, I reckon.

All affiliates (i) committed at least two errors and (ii) gave up more errors than their opponents.

Bumpy Bit:  Austin Chrismon got the start, throwing 5 innings, giving up plenty of base runners (10H, 0BB), allowing 5 runs (4 earned) and striking out two.  Kevin Ferguson relieved - 1IP, H, BB, K.  Brandon McNitt, 27th round pick, made his first professional appearance: 2IP, 2H, R/ER, BB, 2K.

Flat Bit:  7 hits, one walk for the ValleyCats.  Alex Hernandez had the only extra-base hit (1-4, 2B) and Alfredo Gonzalez had the only walk (0-2, BB).  Singles to Marc Wik, J.D. Davis (75th overall pick), A.J. Reed (42nd overall pick), Nick Tanielu (14th round pick), Ariel Ovando and Mott Hyde (26th round pick).  Errors made by Hyde, Ovando and Davis.  Three players (Tanielu, Wik and Solano) were also caught stealing.

Man of the Match:  Um, Alex Hernandez??  Owner of the only extra base it, didn't make an error and wasn't caught stealing.

The Greeneville Astros start their season tomorrow against Elizabethton, and the GCL Astros start their season on the 20th, against the GCL Braves.

Hopefully, some better news from the Affiliates tomorrow.  Thanks for reading, comments welcome.