Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Astros were never going to get Jose Abreu

Yeah. You see Marc Krauss over there hitting .130/.217/.259. You see Jesus Guzman over here hitting .236/.276/.382. And then you see Jose Abreu hitting .270/.336/.617 for Chicago with 10HR/32RBI, which would double the Astros' team leaders in both categories. 

Maybe you remember that the Astros were apparently pretty close in their offer for Jose Abreu. As it turns out, the White Sox were never going to let Abreu sign anywhere else. 

When Reinsdorf asked Williams before negotiations to place a value on Abreu, Williams said four years, $40 million. When the numbers escalated during talks, "Jerry, the lawyer that he is, asked, 'If you're comfortable at 40, why not another year at 50?' And then it kept going higher and higher.