Friday, May 16, 2014

Mayo's Mock Draft

Jonathan Mayo posted his first Mock Draft for next month's amateur draft. In said draft, Mayo has Carlos Rodon going to the Astros with the 1-1 pick.

A slow start left Rodon's status as the top pick in question, and one of the big high school pitchers below could still be Houston's choice, but here's saying the N.C. State lefty has done enough to reclaim the spot.

Meanwhile, Rodon stays atop Baseball America's 2nd Mock Draft of the Spring.

Industry opinion appears to favor Aiken as the top prospect in the draft, and he’s the rare high school player with a long-enough track record to earn the No. 1 selection. But Rodon’s trend lines continue to point in the right direction, and the Astros’ big league struggles likely bring pressure to speed up the rebuilding process in Houston. Rodon’s talent is worthy of the No. 1 pick, and so is the buzz factor he would bring.

Manuel says Rodon's "top-shelf" slider gives him more upside than Aiken.