Saturday, May 24, 2014

Evan Drellich takes a flame-thrower to the Astros

So Evan Drellich got some very interesting quotes regarding how the Astros do business, in which we find that there are apparently "pockets of internal discontent" and a "potential reputation problem" throughout baseball.

Former Astro Bud Norris:
They are definitely the outcast of major league baseball right now, and it's kind of frustrating for everyone else to have to watch it.

Drellich interviewed 20 players, coaches, agents, and others connected to baseball for their opinion on the Astros, and here issues that were repeatedly brought up:

*The de-humanizing aspect of Astros' business negotiations, including contracts and call-ups in a manner defined as a "dehumanizing, analytics-based approach."

The most damning quote comes from an anonymous Astros player:
I don't think anybody's happy. I'm not. They just take out the human element of baseball. It's hard to play for a GM that just sees you as a number instead of a person. Jeff is experimenting with all of us.

Luhnow's response? Drellich says "feelings aren't high" on Luhnow's list of concerns:
We're not running for election here, it's not a popularity contest.

So, explosive stuff from Drellich and the Chronicle, and it's impressive to see such reporting from the Chronicle - who I admittedly thought have been overly-critical in 140-character bursts. But this is a thorough take. It's gonna take some time for me to wade through my thoughts...but I'm happy to hear yours...