Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Gordon Surprise?

It's almost draft time, which means we can welcome the national media back to paying attention to the Astros and passing judgments based on three-year old narratives of the team, front office, and franchise.

Case in point: Jon Heyman's new article about the Astros and the draft, who says that the Astros are considering both Carlos Rodon and Brady Aiken (not surprising).

But the Astros do weird things! remember!?

A rumor was gaining steam in recent days that the Astros may consider going off the board and taking talented high school shortstop Nicholas Gordon instead...That may well just be a rumor, but it's stirring additional intrigue in baseball circles. Folks view the Astros as nothing if not unpredictable, so perhaps it shouldn't be such a surprise.


Anonymous said...

Going off the board?? Who makes up this "board?" Baseball writers? Bloggers? Ambitious fans?? What I'm really saying here is that there is NO board. It's just consensus speculation. I love that the Astros do things differently. And I'm gonna love it even more when My Beloved Hometown Team wins MULTIPLE WORLD SERIES RINGS!!


MoleBoy said...

Then they'll dismiss it by saying "who couldn't win with three #1 picks?" These stories practically write themselves.